01-21-2019 to 01-27-2019

Cautions before embarking on a workout program with weights:
* Never work out when your blood sugar is low!  In order to avoid hypoglycemia, it is advised to eat an hour or two before training.
* Hydrate before working out, especially in hot, humid weather.
* Carefully follow the suggested progression from week 1 through the next several weeks.  This will ensure that whatever post-exercise muscle soreness you experience (from your detrained state) does not become severe and cause you to enter a dangerous state of "rhabdomyolysis".
* The suggested method of determining how much weight you should use in any exercise is to pick a weight that you can do for 10-12 repetitions in such a fashion that the last 2-3 reps are mildly taxing.  That means that you could complete around 15 reps if you had to (but don't).  Slowly add weight over weeks of time.
* Always check your equipment for adjustment, tightness and safety.  Be sure that your immediate workout area is not cluttered.
* Be sure to have competent spotters available when performing any potentially dangerous exercise, especially bench pressing and squatting.