I've been a fitness pro for over 15 years, certified by the great ISSA.  As a pro I want to deliver value to clients, and in this digital age pen and paper are just not as efficient.  If you are looking for a great platform to send your clients their workouts and diet plans this is it!  It is easy to use and adds a professional invaluable tool making the pro look even better and the client seeing the value.  Their support is amazing!  Within minutes I get a reply and they follow up!  I was using another platform and it would be a week before I got an email so I dropped them.  The software is amazing and the support is even better.  If you're a trainer looking to add value and professionalism this is it!  Don't waste any more time or money on other nonsense.  I don't know about you, but ISSA approved workouts and meal plans are definitely good for me!
Dr. Phil Nicolaou, Master Certified Personal Trainer

My name is Dorteo Davis, and I feel compelled to just drop you all a few lines regarding my partnership with your company.  Please note that I said partnership.  I feel as though it is a partnership due to the way you all have received input from me as well as requested input over the years and I have seen it put to use.  When I started with you all many many years ago, it was simply as a user and not as a provider of service to others.  I started using the BodyCraft software back in about 1995, if you can remember, back when you were sending out a CD for installation of the software.  What's funny about that is that I believe I still have the install CD somewhere in my archives.  I kept it, as well as kept with the utilization of the software because I knew I had something good.  I have been with you all every since.  Yes, I have fallen off at times even in my workouts as well as my trainer status, but through the years have always stayed connected with BodyCraft.

Over the years I have watched this software evolve from a desktop application to a web application that allows so much for flexibility and convenience.  While watching you grow, I have also grown in the number of clients I have helped throughout the years.  I currently have around 50 clients, however many more that have come and gone.  I have seen the growth, been apart of the growth, more importantly, happy to say that I am connected to BodyCraft.

One constant that has been a blessing to me is the service.  I have come to the point where I feel like old valued friends of the company.  Whenever I call, I get a response.  What is even more impressive is that I have not had to reach out to you all to stay connected with changes and updates over the years, but I have been contacted personally by Brian many times regarding updates and transitions of the company.  I was even chosen to be one of the lucky Beta testers of the software when it went to its original online platform.  I point out original platform, because even that is no more, leaps and bounds of growth and change since then.  Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback as well as always being there when I need you.  You all do it RIGHT!!  Go BodyCraft!!
Dorteo Davis, ISSA CFT

I am so glad I learned about BodyCraft!  I took advantage of the seven day free trial and was so impressed.  Immediately, I saw how important this program would be for my business and my clients success.  It was a no-brainer to sign up.

The customer service is exceptional.  The phones are always answered and emails are responded to within the same day.  Your staff is courteous, professional and my questions are always answered.

Thank you for designing such a wonderful software program and the customer support your company provides.
Chris Glass, ISSA CFT

My name is David Wilson.  I am an ISSA certified fitness trainer just starting my own training business in Illinois.  Your site has been wonderful and is a great tool for me.  The site is awesome and seems to be continuing to get better.  I have talked with Brian and his accessibility and help go above and beyond expectations.  This site is a help on so many levels for me, it helps me not only expand my horizons as far as nutrition and exercise program, but gives me the added professionalism I was also seeking.  I am proud and excited to be a member as this will help me and my clients move to a great level.  Thanks so much
David Wilson, ISSA CFT

I've been using BodyCraft since its inception and was one of the first to take part in the beta testing.  I have nothing but positive reviews for this program.  From designing workouts to planning meal designs, this all-inclusive program makes it easy!!  You can provide a client with a ready-made workout or design one of your own.  The exercises are already listed.  Have an exercise that's not listed?  Then add it!  It's that simple.  The same goes for food items.  Communicate with your client via BodyCraft and have your own personalized page.  You WILL NOT find a better program!  And for the fee, it makes it unbeatable!!
Ernie Razzano, ISSA, MFS

This program is exactly what our society needs and wants.  This program will change everything about the fitness industry with having everything a trainer and client could ask for!  Great job guys keep it up!
I.S.S.A. Certified Fitness Trainer Jim Joost

I was one of the first people to sign up for the BodyCraft Online software as a beta tester.  I have been nothing nut impressed with the results.  I have purchased other Personal Trainer software in the past and spent lots of money and was never satisified.  Body Craft online is easy to use and affordable.  The main thing that I love is the customer service.  I can call with an issue and it gets taking care of immediately.  I would and have recommended this program to my peers.  Finally a Trainer software that has got it right.
Darell Dansby, ISSA CFT

My mother Dawn Nelson has Type II Diabetes and high Cholesterol, and utilizing this website has lowered her Cholesterol substantially, and at the rate we are working with her issues, we may see complete remission of Type II Diabetes. I am thankful for the ability of this website, and all of my employees will be utilizing it as well.
Jonathan Nelson, ISSA CFT

As a new personal trainer I felt overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to make plans.  People are now trusting me and recommendations.  After much research I was directed to BodyCraft Online.  This program is awesome and is truly a time saver when you have to make plans for 5 clients, be dad, be husband, active duty Marine, National level NPC body builder, ISSA Master trainer Student.  With this program I am now able do meal plans and work out plans with ease and in a timely manner and from my smart phone I can log through the web and adjust plans on the spot for clients.  Brain and his staff respond to emails or questions you may have and the best part they will call you and walk you through your issue.  Brian takes all feedback good and bad and continually is making improvements to the system.  I now am able to have my Company name and a logo on top of meal plans and workouts.  This feature is awesome it now adds a more personal touch to what I send my clients and it represents ME My favorite part now is the notes sections.  This way I can actually type certain notes or words of encouragement in the meal plan or workouts and my clients have it all right in front of them vice having to go to different emails.  Thank you Brain continue the great work and can't wait to see the future changes.
Jaren Wright ISSA Certified Elite Trainer

BodyCraft as been a huge time saver for me.  I own a personal training studio in Wyoming so I get a lot of clients that want diet plans.  I used to spend up to 5 hours on 1 diet plan since I got BodyCraft it has cut down my time to under 1 hour thank you BodyCraft.
David Rogers, ISSA CFT

I wanted to reach out and let you know how things are going with the BodyCraft program for me.

I remember when I first got my certs as a personal trainer and started to take on clients.  I was confused nervous and anxious.  I looked for programs to help build workouts, and diets, as well as doing math on paper to figure out the calories, fats, carbs & protein.  I had much success of doing it however it was time consuming.  One day I found BodyCraft and Patrick of ISSA told me to let you know I was a student in order to receive the student price.  Once I signed up I thought it was another platform that would look good but not be effective, and or efficient.  I was totally wrong.  After spending a day watching all the toturials and making test profiles, I put it to the test.  And let me tell you it was the best money spent to assist me in my job as a NOW MASTER TRAINER.  I have seen this program grow and grow and become more user friendly and effective, everything from tracking clients' pictures, to start weight, goal weight, BMR, caloric goals to lose /gain weight it takes a lot of the guess work out.  As well as being able to send my clients a grocery list, and a menu that is literally Barney style *aka very simple* is amazing.  When people hire me and the get the emails with the grocery list and menu which they can access from their phone.  I often get emails, or calls saying wow you really mad this easy for me.  Hearing that feed back is awesome, and give the clients more motivation to work hard because they HAVE NO EXCUSE, but to succeed because everything is laid out for them.

BodyCraft also allows me while I am out and about to make plans, adjust plans for clients, and sometimes show people how macros work, you know they can see it when I'm explaining things...  I like the ability to save plans and copy and rename because as I have encountered many different clients.  I have many plans from the easy cookie cutter, to the client who just can't eat the same thing daily.  I have plans on can send out for people who just need a guide or something simple to follow to help them stay on track.

Workouts- As an amatuter bodybuilder and active duty Marine making work outs are very simple.  However, as a Master Trainer I have learned not everyone is on the same level.  So having the ability to start them at the basic level is awesome.  I can design the reps & sets.  The best part of all is the videos that come with most if not all the excercise, as well as the ability to add a link to a YouTube channel all of my clients love it, because they can watch it, and learn and have more confidence when they hit the gym alone or with a friend...

Client progression- The goal of every trainer should be for their clients to eventually be able to live a healthy and fit lifestyle with out the assistance/supervision of a trainer.  With BodyCraft I have had 3 clients who really paid attention, to macros when working with me.  So as a test I made them a user name and password to allow them to go in a design a meal plan for themselves based on the Macros I give them.  I have one girl who has figured out how to keep peanut butter in her diet and not exceed her fats.  I only do this for the ones who really want to do it, just having that option is like a reward to the client...

Overall- I recommend this to every person who is a personal trainer because its worth every penny.  It will also make you look professional, organized, and will set you apart from others out here in this industry and most importantly its effective, and efficient.

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